Out-and-about Asheville

Our first week in Asheville was filled with food, so we decided we wanted to spend more time DOing things.

At the little pond near our site there are several species of duck. The white ducks with cotton ball heads are our favorites.

At the Oyster Bar, one of the locals recommended a website I’ve now used at least a dozen times. It’s called romanticasheville.com and it lists waterfalls, history, seasonal info, hikes, scenic drives and much more.

We decided to take a look at a couple waterfalls. Eric has been to sliding rock before, so we made that one of our destinations. Five minutes before sliding rock we came across Looking Glass Falls. There were stairs to go down to the bottom where a person could take in the ambiance of it all. At the bottom about a half a dozen groups were scattered and one guy was even perched up on a rock meditating. It was very pretty and worth the two seconds that it took to pull over and check it out.

After Looking Glass Falls we went a few minutes further to Sliding Rock. We ended up being the last car allowed entry for the day, so we got in free and just about had the whole place to ourselves. Generally the lines stretch all the way up the rock!

To wrap up the week’s fun we went to a pinball museum. They have antique pinball machines and games and a TON of retro memorabilia. The pinball machines were super fun, Batman was my favorite.

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