Meet Chief

I was inspired by somone in the RV community who pulls their rig with a converted bus. Out of curiousity, I got on the ole Google and searched away. Somehow down the rabbit hole I stumbled upon a government auction site. I registered, not thinking I was qualified to do so, and bid on a shuttle bus Eric and I liked.

And…we won. It was a real thing. We bought a bus. For real.

Won the bid on a Wednesday, needed to drive to Minnesota within 10 days to pick up the bus and I still needed to work full-time. This meant taking off mid-day Friday and driving to Minnesota during a pandemic. We had barely left the house, I got all my hand sanitizers and masks and we trekked out to drive and stop for nothing but bathrooms breaks, fill-ups, and sleep.

The first night we stayed in a cute campground in Nebraska, near Omaha. We got in late, pitched a tent and hit the hay. This campground is a bird sanctuary. We woke in the morning, not to a rooster crowing, but to dozens of geese and ducks honking. sqawking and quacking right next to our heads. We were giddy so we laughed and realized that meant it was time to get back onto the road.

Day 2 of our driving marathon meant we got to pick up the bus and drive it part of the way back home. I couldn’t stop giggling…never in a million bazillion years would I have thought I wanted to be a bus driver…or own one, or any combination a person could think of in regards to buses with the exception of having a tour maybe my childhood dream…and that’d be a fancy tour bus.

But here we are…picking up a real live bus and planning to actually drive it. A lot.

We hit the road to stay at a different camping spot to check it out in Vermillion, SD. Dad said the city was named after relatives, or so someone told him, so we needed to check it out.

I thought for sure we were lost because the camping spots were actually just spaces next to a building in a park. There were hookups and grills, so it must be the case. We had a long day and were so tired that we stayed. Covid caused the toilet areas not to work, which was SUCH a bummer. We hadn’t showered since Friday and I was really looking forward to one. Tent camping woes – haha! Since it’s a small town, even the gas station closed at night so in order to use the bathroom the awesomely nice store person let me in.

The ride went smooth and we were so grateful that the bus made it with no issue!

Have I mentioned? We own a bus. Like, you know, a wheels on the bus kind of BUS. Still in shock here.