The band is back together

Lake Hattie helped us create some memories. Some good, some not as good. We learned that the rocket fireworks with the large wax wicks just blow up in your face when lit. We learned that this location is either VERY windy or clouded with swarming hungry mosquitoes. We’re learning how to co-habitate as one big happy family of emotions and different needs and desires. We’re learning how precious of a commodity fresh water, tank capacity and power can be, and we’re learning how to manage our messes in such a small space. I think we all feel a bit beat up with the roughing it, but it’s been a great way to learn what we really need.

The first day the band was back together, the weather was beautiful and sunny. The lake water was cold, but the air was nice and the wind wasn’t insane, so we swam, fished and made little clay sculptures. No fish caught, but enjoyed anyway.

The reception was so unpredictable at the lake that I had a hard time staying connected for work. We’re now looking into adding another phone carrier for some redundancy and connectivity.

Eric taught us some tips on how to skip rocks. Crouch low, flick your wrist and voila! We all practiced skipping rocks and we eventually all got it.

Jillian skipping rocks

Then finally, we caught some fish! Eric said Jillian has some of the best luck fishing, and sure enough, she caught the first one!

Then Eric, and then Joe! Eric taught us how to clean the fish, which I think secretly was his favorite part of the whole catch, and I tried be strong and not think of them as pets but as food. Joe played with his fish’s head, stuck a screaming chaser into it and asked if he could set it off. I wasn’t thinking the head would go far and I had visions of fish shrapnel flying everywhere. We had three little headless trout (their heads fell off, ok?) in our fridge waiting for consumption.

Joe’s first fish

Jill and Ethan are really blossoming in facing their fear of bugs and crawly things. Jill was playing with a lady bug and a giant beetle and Ethan has named all moths Greg so they are less scary. They are even saying “hello” to the little bugs that are flying around now.

Gabe decided to play either Boba Fett or do a modified yoga triangle pose, while squirting water from the squirt gun straight into the air. The wind was so strong that it blew away and not even a drop landed on him!

On our way back to Lake Hattie from Colorado, Joe bought a bunch of fireworks. The first couple of nights, when we had many neighbors staying with us for the weekend, Eric and Joe put on shows with the big-uns. Even Gabe, who has been afraid of fireworks until now, joined in and lit off some bottle rockets. PSA – lanterns don’t work very well in windy Wyoming. We’ll have to try again somewhere calmer.

On our last night at the lake, Eric and I attempted to float in the lake just off the shore. It was windy, so we basically just ended up constantly on shore, but we still got in the water for a bit and enjoyed the peace. We then burned the last of our firewood, roasted hot dogs over the fire, cooked up the trout and talked about things both serious and silly around the campfire.

Eric noticed that Ethan has a lot of Chimpanzee sounds, and now we all laugh when Ethan plays off of it. Here’s a goofy video of Ethan playing it up and us trying to get him to recreate his sounds. Probably going to have to “catch” him doing it and hope the camera is nearby in order to share the authentic sound.

Waking Ethan’s inner chimp