Nightly good-bye BBQs

We’re hosting small family BBQs with close family and friends in our mini-groups this week. It’s been full of good times and makes this adventure feel bittersweet. We have an incredibly loving and fun family and will miss them terribly.

Wading in the lake.

Learning how to cast and fish.

Making fire with only flint and magnesium (Joe is the only one of the kids who can do it so far, he’s our go-to fire starter).

Roasting marshmallows.

Making tiny s’mores with our mini marshmallows (our shopper accidentally grabbed them, but the girls were loving the teeny-ness so it worked out great).

And invoking so much laughter we cried. This has been an epic week and I’m going to miss all these humans so much!

What is Chief and Liberty?

Chief and Liberty are our vehicles, both literally and figuratively, for our new lifestyle of exploring everywhere we can drive with our family. Wherever we go, there we are!

We are both thrilled and terrified of what we’re about to do, but our goal is to show our children that the world is filled with so much more than the screen in front of them. With the ability to slow down our go-go-go lifestyle, we would like to tap into what being alive is really all about…connection. Connection with each other, connection with nature, connection with ourselves, and connection with this beautiful thing called life.

Welcome to the journey – we have a feeling it will be anything but boring.