Wedding Crashers

Eric here, humbly taking on the task of trying to write this part of the blog. I’ll do my best and please make fun of me if you need to!

We decided to stay at the fairgrounds in Bonners Ferry, a little town very close to the border of Canada in Northern Idaho. Who would have known that this little wonderful slice of Idaho is actually a slice of heaven to us. No bugs, beautiful weather, and some of the nicest people!

After we set up, I wanted to cheer Tiffany up from missing her boys. We decided to have a nice date night out in this little wonderful town. The restaurant we wanted to go as our first choice was closed for a private event, so we ended up at a place where the fried ribs were heaven. We had a great meal, had a great conversation, and as we began to walk back to the camper, Tiffany heard some music and decided she wanted to go dancing. We walked that direction, and the music turned out to to be at the restaurant we wanted to go as our first choice. They were having a wedding. Tiffany, as beautiful as she always is, began to dance in the alley. I grabbed her and started dancing with her, giggling about how it would be funny to crash the wedding. Suddenly, one of the family members, by the name of Jessica, invited us in to join the wedding party. Who were we to decline such a wonderful and gracious act? We chatted with all the guests, wished the bride and groom the best and Tiffany danced with all the little flower girls. We decided we love immersing ourselves in a place like this, it was a great time.

Soul Sisters, Tiffany and Jessica at the wedding

Jessica, and her husband, Mark were two of the people we really made a connection with. We all thought it was crazy how similar Jessica and Tiffany were, and decided they were soul sisters. The morning after the wedding Tiffany received a text asking us to go with them on their boat for the day and visit a place at the lake called The Sandbar. We were so excited and rushed to meet them and get in the water.

At the sandbar, a group of boats meet up, blast some music and tie together for one big floating party.

One of the kiddos untied one of the floaties and the girls went floating off. Thankfully, Gabe was a hero, jumped in and brought them back to the boat. It was a great day and we were so grateful to be invited!

Rescue swimmer Gabe

We worked up an appetite and Jessica and Mark decided we must go to the restaurant on the beach. The owner of the restaurant was a client of Jessica’s and a neighborhood friend of Mark’s, so we were given incredible service and seating priority. We had a delicious dinner while listening to live music and watching the sun set over the lake. It was a great ending to a fun day.

Jillian quickly made a friends with Mark’s daughter, and at the end of the day, they had a sleepover where they made lip balms, enjoyed some girl talk and maybe even slept a bit.

Northern Idaho has unexpectedly become one of our favorite places,  who would have thought that little tiny sliver of a state would bode so much activity and wonderful people. We enjoyed our time there and we are looking forward to another visit in the future.

Gabe occasionally will write us a “POTD – pun of the day” – here was the one we came home to, and here’s the illustration Jill decided was appropriate with it.