Celebrating Eric’s birthday and deep cleaning Miss Liberty

We spent a good chunk of the day DEEP cleaning Liberty, prepping for move-in and testing all of her systems. I’m sure we did 403 things wrong, but all in all we were pretty satisfied and sore by the end of the day. Our last test was our ‘wireless’ connectivity test. Using our phones as hot spots and the chromecast in the tv, we put on the latest YouTube episode of one of our favorite full-time rv families and beamed with excitement and awe that all this is really happening.

Joe made sure to point out that I am a now a real live red-neck. I got my first little sunburn of the year in the most cousin Eddy way possible.

We made it back inside to make some brats about 10 pm and then made sure to wish Eric a happy 48th birthday JUST before it was over at about 11:15 pm. We all danced and ‘sang’ happy birthday to 50 Cent’s “In da club” and we partied like it’s his birfday. Ethan played the otamatone and we all cracked jokes and had a great time. It’s making my heart want to explode with gratitude for this great big, goofy, loud and giggly family of ours.