Be my cherry pie

The next location was a Bowman Orchards on Flathead Lake. It was harvest season, so the trees were stunning with the bright green leaves and red cherries.

The location itself was a bit different than we had imagined, but the hosts were delightful, and the cherries were delicious.

Eric and I are attempting to make a regular occurrence of adult only date nights. Flathead Lake is HUGE, it’s over 27 miles long and 197 square miles of area. I was looking for the perfect pairing for one of my niece’s birthday gifts and was having a heck of a time finding what I wanted. There were some places we thought could work so we set out as our first part of the date to shop. The little shop we wanted to visit was closed, but it was right next to this really cool historic marker. The inscription reads that the parts seen are from one of the last steamboats in the harbor that transported goods using the river way. A cool gem we did not expect to see.

We saw an adorable spotted fawn and its mom enjoying their dinner.

On our way to one of the little dives on the lake, we passed through a golf course community and found one of my dream properties for sale on the water. Someday…

We wanted a view of the lake on our date, so we picked a little place with a private patio dock. It was a lively and chill place to go hang out, watch the sun set as the waves come in and eat some very tasty food. We had the cherry bourbon glazed ribs and a salad, and it was great!

My wonderful and handsome date and partner in memory making.

Ethan and Jill played chess. Ethan is so good, he’s been kicking my butt for years. He did the same to poor Jillian, and once to me yet again.

From Bowman Orchards, we bought some Rainier cherries, cherry tarts, cherry butter honey, cherry huckleberry jam, cherry wine, and a couple little gifts. Everything was delicious, except the wine, which had turned to vinegar. We paired the wine with spaghetti, and although it was horrible alone, it added some good flavor to the sauce itself.

After spaghetti, we ate the entire bag of cherries and played the board game, Beat the Parents, which took so long that we went to bed without ending the game.