Change of plans

“The only constant in life is change”

– Heraclitus

Earlier in the summer, Eric bumped the scar tissue on his ankle and it became a tiny hole. Over the past few months, that tiny hole has grown into two holes and is now one large hole. It’s boomerang shaped, about 1-1/2 inches in diameter, and deep enough where we can see into tissue that’s not really meant to be visible. We’ve been nursing it for these past few months, and have worked with a wound care nurse for treatment, but working in the rain and mud on a mountain building a fence was making it hurt and it was starting to look and smell infected.

It was for this and a other reasons that we left the spot in Crumpler and set out for a different direction on our adventure. We like the idea of workamping, so we applied to some other resorts in the area. On our move-out day, Joe took pictures of the area we stayed and found a caterpillar he decided to name Einstein.

In the meantime, Eric and Ethan have established a fun bully/bully relationship. They dig at each other and have towel fights on the regular. The laughter is always music to my ears, and although I worry a little about things getting knocked over, we have yet to have an uncleanable/unfixable incident, so I welcome their play. Joe photo bombed with his bible – haha!

While we waited to hear back regarding our work applications on where our next stop would be, we decided to visit one of Joe’s longest and best friends, Evan and his family, just North of Raleigh. We enjoyed dinner, played a hilarious game, and caught up a bit with each other’s lives. Joe and Ethan stayed the night at their house and loved every second of their connection with friends.

We heard back from one of the places we applied located just South of Asheville. The work sounded enjoyable, the place looked fun, and they wanted us to head down in just a few days, so it seemed like a great fit. As an added bonus, a couple of Eric’s friends live in the area and the idea of being able to connect with them in person lit his heart.

We split up the drive into a few days, a Walmart for a night, a Flying J truck stop for a night, and a Cracker Barrel for a night. While spending our night at the Walmart, a plant/floral delivery truck driver rolled up and unloaded his truck. As he was going through his goods, he had a few items that were “unsellable” to the Walmart store and he was going to throw them away. Eric, loving free things, accepted these rejected plants. I believe he may have forgotten how much space we actually have, the entire trailer was littered with plants! I put them in the base of the shower during transport and they took up the entire floor space. Ethan has since decided they are his plants and he enjoys caring for them every day.

We actually had a pretty nice view for a Flying J truck stop.

I’d never been to a Cracker Barrel before, and Eric said it was an experience to have, especially now that we’re in the South. On the way in we walked past one of the thickest and brightest green caterpillars I’ve ever seen. He called it a tomato bug, but I think he looks like star of The Hungry Caterpillar! When we ate, I had biscuits and gravy like a good Southern girl and loved every minute of it. Joe and Ethan both became addicts of their menu, and Eric was satisfied with some fried chicken. Definitely fed our souls!

Joe and I went to Ingles, a grocery store, across the street from Cracker Barrel. I was in organized-can-stacking heaven. Joe and I were so happy about how pretty the store was that I took a few pictures. I love when people take pride in their work.

When we arrived at our new workamp location we were stoked. It seems like a good place to stay still for a bit, but you never know what life will bring you, so we’ll just have to see! The owner of the RV resort lives across the pond and took this picture of our arrival saying that she thought it was a pretty setup. 🙂

A footnote (ha, pun intended, I made myself giggle), Eric agreed to go into a Dr. for his ankle. We got some antibiotics and were told the care we were doing was perfect (thanks Kelly!) and sent us on our way. His pain has been greatly reduced, and he has an appointment with a local wound care nurse to help us if we run into any other issues. 🙂

End of summer lake fun

As we rounded out our trip from the Northwest expedition, we made met up with my Dad and step-mom at Alcova Reservoir in Wyoming. There were fires all over the Western side of the country and it was tough to breathe and see. Didn’t stop us from having a great time though!

Eric played “king of the dock” with the kids.

We had a blast being tossed around on Big Mable!

Boating on a lake is my happy place, always has been, and this weekend brought back some of the best warm fuzzy childhood feels. Eric, Joe, Jill and Ethan all fished, unfortunately with no catch, but there was almost always a pole in the water trying.

Wedding Crashers

Eric here, humbly taking on the task of trying to write this part of the blog. I’ll do my best and please make fun of me if you need to!

We decided to stay at the fairgrounds in Bonners Ferry, a little town very close to the border of Canada in Northern Idaho. Who would have known that this little wonderful slice of Idaho is actually a slice of heaven to us. No bugs, beautiful weather, and some of the nicest people!

After we set up, I wanted to cheer Tiffany up from missing her boys. We decided to have a nice date night out in this little wonderful town. The restaurant we wanted to go as our first choice was closed for a private event, so we ended up at a place where the fried ribs were heaven. We had a great meal, had a great conversation, and as we began to walk back to the camper, Tiffany heard some music and decided she wanted to go dancing. We walked that direction, and the music turned out to to be at the restaurant we wanted to go as our first choice. They were having a wedding. Tiffany, as beautiful as she always is, began to dance in the alley. I grabbed her and started dancing with her, giggling about how it would be funny to crash the wedding. Suddenly, one of the family members, by the name of Jessica, invited us in to join the wedding party. Who were we to decline such a wonderful and gracious act? We chatted with all the guests, wished the bride and groom the best and Tiffany danced with all the little flower girls. We decided we love immersing ourselves in a place like this, it was a great time.

Soul Sisters, Tiffany and Jessica at the wedding

Jessica, and her husband, Mark were two of the people we really made a connection with. We all thought it was crazy how similar Jessica and Tiffany were, and decided they were soul sisters. The morning after the wedding Tiffany received a text asking us to go with them on their boat for the day and visit a place at the lake called The Sandbar. We were so excited and rushed to meet them and get in the water.

At the sandbar, a group of boats meet up, blast some music and tie together for one big floating party.

One of the kiddos untied one of the floaties and the girls went floating off. Thankfully, Gabe was a hero, jumped in and brought them back to the boat. It was a great day and we were so grateful to be invited!

Rescue swimmer Gabe

We worked up an appetite and Jessica and Mark decided we must go to the restaurant on the beach. The owner of the restaurant was a client of Jessica’s and a neighborhood friend of Mark’s, so we were given incredible service and seating priority. We had a delicious dinner while listening to live music and watching the sun set over the lake. It was a great ending to a fun day.

Jillian quickly made a friends with Mark’s daughter, and at the end of the day, they had a sleepover where they made lip balms, enjoyed some girl talk and maybe even slept a bit.

Northern Idaho has unexpectedly become one of our favorite places,  who would have thought that little tiny sliver of a state would bode so much activity and wonderful people. We enjoyed our time there and we are looking forward to another visit in the future.

Gabe occasionally will write us a “POTD – pun of the day” – here was the one we came home to, and here’s the illustration Jill decided was appropriate with it.

We found a unicorn and Harry Potter at Coeur d’Lane

Ethan has been wanting to grow his hair out. He wants it so long that a braid will go down his back. Jillian is trying to convince him not to do it, but I think it’s his hair and he can do whatever he’d like, so, we’ll see. After he told me he wanted braids though, I had to grab some rubber bands and attempt to braid the longest part of hair I could find on his head. It’s short, so I kept having to add a rubber band and then keep braiding. The cool thing is, Ethan turned into a unicorn with this little hair do. He was giggling, but was pretending to be serious in the pictures, so I told him to give me his pretty face and he gave me this. I swear that kid smiles nicely, he just thinks it’s too fun to look goofy in photos.

In the meantime, we’ve been working with Gabe and Jill’s picky eating habits. The night before, Eric made his incredibly delicious bratwurst soup which tastes like a stew/chicken noodle soup hybrid with big thick homemade noodles. Everyone except Gabe gobbled up at least one bowl, so we made a deal that the next meal Gabe ate was his leftover soup. This was his breakfast the next morning instead of his favorite thing on the planet, frosted flakes. Little wins for Dad and Gabe looks quite proud of his accomplishment!

This was the last week of summer where we’d all be together, Joe and Ethan were to fly back to Colorado and spend some time with their dad. I’d asked what the wish list items for each Joe and Ethan were for the last week of summer with us would be. Joe’s requests were antiquing and fishing and Ethan wanted to go kayaking. On our way to go antiquing, we put the awning in and it fell off of the rail again. Of course it was nearly 100 degrees and we’d just showered and got ready to go, but I went to the store and picked up some self tapping screws and Eric and the kids fixed the awning. We had hoped to do a scavenger hunt on an app I bought Eric for Christmas in Coeur d’Lane in addition to antiquing, but by the time the awning was fixed, antique stores and the scavenger hunt museum starting location were closed.

We opted to go to a nice dinner at the lake instead. Everyone had a great time at dinner.

The next day we rented a couple kayaks and went into the water at a little river that feeds into Coeur d’Lane. The water felt like bathtub water compared to the falls we had just endured. I would definitely love to rent one of the properties at the water’s edge. It looked like they were building a tiny house village on one of the site…now THAT would be fun!

Joe attempted to fish. The fishing was actually really good, there were several people around us coming up with catches, and Joe wanted to get some salmon for dinner before they left. He said he caught one, but it got away. He broke his fishing line, had to restring, and then recast. When he came back to us, we saw that he did make a very large catch, just not very edible.

Joe also decided to get out of the kayak in his hilarious face down maneuver. He can be so funny sometimes.

As we said goodbye to the day, Gabe practiced his “Olympics”, some sort of running and jumping thing in the sand, and Jill and Ethan used the sand as canvases to draw masterpieces while they dried off. Their friendship has deepened and they now call each other their best friends, I’m so grateful that they found each other.

Gabe lost his glasses at the waterfalls, so Eric and Gabe went to get a new pair. He got many Harry Potter comments at the lake from strangers, so Jillian decided to give him the official Harry Potter lightning scar. I do like how they frame his big beautiful blue eyes!

Little irritants

Our next stop was another lake, McGregor Lake, but this time we had full hookups again. The campground hosts were very friendly, and we were across the street from a great little lodge/restaurant that many locals frequented. On one side of the campground was McGregor Lake, and on the other side was Little McGregor Lake.

Unfortunately, Ethan had developed a large itchy rash, and I didn’t feel comfortable taking him down to the lake in case it was something like swimmer’s itch that could get aggravated again. The rash didn’t bother him, but it looked a lot like chicken pox once it ran its course. He is vaccinated, but I guess it is possible he got a slight case. In any case, with Benadryl and calamine lotion on board, he is back to his soft and supple kid skin again.

We all took turns riding bikes to Little McGregor Lake. It was a 5 minute or so ride, but a fun way to enjoy being outside without being eaten by mosquitoes.

While Eric and I were at the little lake, we ran into a local who was telling us some of the good fishing spots in the area. We saw a giant bald eagle soar and then nest in a tree across the lake and heard the call of the loons. On the cliff opposite of where we were standing, some kids were jumping off and into the water.

One night, we all went to the lodge and played games and ate dinner. It was a fun evening and Eric and I decided that would be a good date night.

On our date night, Eric and I sat outside. There was a sweet old dog who approached and we swooned and gave him some love. When the waitress came by, we asked if the dog was a stray and she said no…it was one of the local’s dog. Shortly after, the owner of the dog came out and told us he was 15 years old. We were in shock because he acted like he was only 5 and his face looked so young. But, the mother was hit by a truck when the puppy was only 6 days old, so the owner had the dog the entire 15 years and is his best buddy in the world, traveling everywhere together.

We had some great conversation with him and another couple who came to join us. One thing that I’ve really enjoyed is meeting and chatting with some of the people in the area, hearing about their story and getting insider tips. The 6 of us closed down the lodge and the owners locked up and let us hang out on their deck for as long as we desired. Eric and I walked back to camp, chatting about how great of a night we had.

It was a move day in the morning, so we thought doing some prep by pulling in the awning would be a good idea. As I was pressing the button, our awning fell off the side. It was roughly 1:00 am and we were torn between leaving it until morning and risking wind picking up, or attempting to get it put together some that night. We opted for option 2 and attempted to be as quiet as we possibly could. The guy in the camper next to us, known by half the campground as a grumpy old guy, came out and yelled at us. I apologize profusely and he didn’t care and stormed around waking up the camp hosts. Thankfully, Eric had become friends with the hosts and most of the other campers, so nothing major happened, but that has been our first run in with a truly not kind interaction. During the day, by the way, this neighbor glared at everyone that walked by and was just as mean, so it’s not that it was just late at night, he just isn’t the happiest person apparently.

With Eric, Joe, Ethan and I all working on the awning, we got it seated back into its spot and screwed down. Temporary fix but it worked enough to get to bed.

Be my cherry pie

The next location was a Bowman Orchards on Flathead Lake. It was harvest season, so the trees were stunning with the bright green leaves and red cherries.

The location itself was a bit different than we had imagined, but the hosts were delightful, and the cherries were delicious.

Eric and I are attempting to make a regular occurrence of adult only date nights. Flathead Lake is HUGE, it’s over 27 miles long and 197 square miles of area. I was looking for the perfect pairing for one of my niece’s birthday gifts and was having a heck of a time finding what I wanted. There were some places we thought could work so we set out as our first part of the date to shop. The little shop we wanted to visit was closed, but it was right next to this really cool historic marker. The inscription reads that the parts seen are from one of the last steamboats in the harbor that transported goods using the river way. A cool gem we did not expect to see.

We saw an adorable spotted fawn and its mom enjoying their dinner.

On our way to one of the little dives on the lake, we passed through a golf course community and found one of my dream properties for sale on the water. Someday…

We wanted a view of the lake on our date, so we picked a little place with a private patio dock. It was a lively and chill place to go hang out, watch the sun set as the waves come in and eat some very tasty food. We had the cherry bourbon glazed ribs and a salad, and it was great!

My wonderful and handsome date and partner in memory making.

Ethan and Jill played chess. Ethan is so good, he’s been kicking my butt for years. He did the same to poor Jillian, and once to me yet again.

From Bowman Orchards, we bought some Rainier cherries, cherry tarts, cherry butter honey, cherry huckleberry jam, cherry wine, and a couple little gifts. Everything was delicious, except the wine, which had turned to vinegar. We paired the wine with spaghetti, and although it was horrible alone, it added some good flavor to the sauce itself.

After spaghetti, we ate the entire bag of cherries and played the board game, Beat the Parents, which took so long that we went to bed without ending the game. 

Rest and Relaxation-y

There was a local beer I tried, called Moose Drool, that I believe is absolutely delicious. We found out their brewery, Big Sky Brewing Company, is a Harvest Host in Missoula, MT. Excitedly, we made arrangements to go and stay a night there.

We needed to run some errands, and on our way, we saw some flowers that looked like Scottish thistle on the side of the road. This flower is significant to us because when we met, we watched the TV series, Outlander, a show based upon a couple’s undying love for each other. Eric, being part Scottish, adopts that he is Jamie and I am Claire, and he even calls me Jamie’s pet name for Claire, Sassenach. One of the imagery items of the show is the Scottish thistle. I felt we needed to get close-up pictures of the purple flowers, and, since I was driving the car, I forced these pictures. Eric was thrilled. 😊

This brewery was the first location that it was not a comfortable 75 or so degrees all day, so we welcomed the air conditioning of the brewery. If you ever find it, try the Huck It beer and the Ginger Lemon Basil seltzer, they are so refreshing on a hot day! We watched the sun set and enjoyed our giant front lawn for the evening.

After the brewery, we headed to Holland Lake, about an hour or so North of Missoula, MT. The drive was breathtaking. The trees were easily double in height of the trees in Colorado and Joe and I mentioned how small it made us feel. This world is such a big place and we are full-heartedly grateful to be able to see sights like this.

Once we arrived at the lake, I was thwarted into happy memories of my childhood at our camping spot. It reminded me of the mountain camping I did with my parents as a kid in our pop-up camper. Although we did not have hookups, we were right next to (ultra luxury at this point) flush toilets, a potable water spigot, and had a Bob Ross style view from the lake. After we were set up, I took my book down to the water, read and disconnected from everything electronics.

Surprisingly, the mosquitoes were less abundant at the lake than at our campsite. After talking to a local, we learned the mosquitoes started late this year, but when they did decide to show up, they came HUNGRY. Wearing clothing and spraying DEET barely helped. Speaking of bugs, caterpillars kept falling from the trees. Joe, Ethan and Jill decided to adopt this cute one and even named it.

We ended up looking up what kind of caterpillar it was, and it turns out its little spines are actually poisonous, and this caterpillar shouldn’t be handled. Oops. No rashes, so we were okay. It looked perfectly blended on the tree so that became its home. It didn’t move the entire time we were there.

And sad news for Jill, the caterpillar was going to be her favorite animal, a moth. ☹

In our bag of baby carrots from the store, Ethan found a teenager carrot and all the kids thought it was hilarious.

Ethan is still refilling and using his vintage store find teacup most days.

Joe and I went on an expedition to find the “huge waterfall” near the lake. We took a couple wrong turns and never ended up finding the trail head, but we did find this sign at the edge of a private driveway and thought it was a hysterical way to ask for people to turn around.

The next day we spent mostly just swimming down by the lake. There were several people on SUPs, canoes and kayaks, motorboats towing skiers, fishing boats catching trout, and jet skis. It was a busy spot and felt like a big summer party.

There were sooo many fish in this lake and they seemed completely desensitized to humans. If you got in the water and stood still for even a minute, you were swarmed with fish. I attempted to record it around my legs but the reflection of the water made it tricky, so here’s the best I got.

Ethan and Jill attempted to catch the fish by smashing them with rocks, grabbing with their bare hands, and scooping them with a bucket, but instead, they caught a little frog and decided to adopt it for a few hours. We have no idea how to sex a frog, so Jill just decided it was a girl. We named her Dottie.

Joe decided to ‘lay down’ and it was too great of a photo op to miss.

We had some foam rubber band rockets that they decided to launch at each other. The close-up of Ethan’s face should probably be checked out, it’s a good one.

When Eric came down to join us, he lay down and attempted a nap. Of course, when you have teenagers, they don’t let you sleep in peace. Instead, they conspire against you and draw smiley faces out of lake water on your belly.

No rest for the wicked 😉

The cloud cover made it comfortable to hang out down by the lake all day, and the fog rolled in all day and then would clear, which made it look like something out of a movie scene.

Eric and I communicate through walkie talkies while backing in and pulling out of spaces and use them in areas where there is no cell coverage while we’re caravanning and want to communicate. We have quite a bit of fun with these sometimes, cracking each other up with our commentary. Joe found a rockie talkie and decided he will now be part of the walkie talkie shenanigans. It now lives in the door of my car.

On our way out of the lake area, we stopped at the closest little restaurant around. It was literally the worst service I’ve ever experienced and they were short staffed in the kitchen so half the menu was not available, but the outdoor area had cornhole and was a great way to spend a couple hours waiting for food. The kids also got to run laps when they were getting ansty, it was a nice open space and they did good. Amazing how running laps made them turn their attitudes around, Eric may be on to something.

My Anaconda don’t…

Anaconda is the place where the largest free-standing brick building in the world, and is actually about 300’ higher than the Washington Monument. One of the people we ran across said it’s so big that the inside of the top of the tower is big enough for a truck to drive around. We attempted to see it up close, but, like most of the things we wanted to see, we had to pay for a tour and it was closed when we were there (either after hours or due to COVID).

There was a viewing station and memorial area, where we could view the smelter stack through binoculars.

I had the kids all stand inside one of the crucibles to take a picture.

They wouldn’t look at me at the same time. For some reason the water at the bottom was freaking them out.

Then Eric came to my rescue and pulled his shirt up and flashed them his bare chest. They all looked. He’s so smart.

After the flashing, we read about the people and processes that made this place what it is today. Joe had to comment that the steel statue men had “ideal body proportions” with their lack of a neck.

And a replica diameter of the interior and exterior walls of the smelter stack. The interior was marked by a brick ring, and the outside of the sidewalk was how thick the smelter stack wall is. The interior had glittery black sand and we could feel the heat of the sun (baking heat ray things). All of a sudden, a teeny green grasshopper jumped from a rock, to the brick wall, and then into the hot black pit of sand. I was so worried that it was going to die a blistery hot death that Joe appeased me by making it his mission to save him.

Then we drove through Anaconda and stopped at an antique store calling our name. It was a hot spot pelt trading store at one point, so they had a TON of pelts and furs. Eric was rocking some raccoon hats and he made Jill wear a lynx (we think) coat. She at first was super squeamish and then after a lesson in sustainability and population control of hunting, she was a little better. I’m with ya, Jill…my meat comes from a store, not animals. 😉 Eric was rocking out. First with his original accordion song, and then some head banging with all the raccoon hats.

Joe and Ethan found an old typewriter and they immediately wanted it badly. They couldn’t afford it individually, so they pooled their money together and bought it together. The plan is, Joe wants to use it to type letters and Ethan wants to write his first novel, a WWII piece. Ethan also got a white vintage china teacup. They were both stoked about their finds.

We went on to Georgetown Lake, a glacial melt lake that rented kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards. At the marina, we hopped in our floating devices and started paddling. The kids were naturals, everyone was off and rocking the water.

We were about 45 minutes into our hour rental period, and we rounded up the kids to go inside. A larger boat came by and created big enough wake that Eric and my kayak started to tip over. Once we were sideways, I decided I decided not to fight the tip anymore and just bail. Eric yelled, “Nooooo!” and we were in the water. The water wasn’t the coldest either of us had ever been in, but snow melt water definitely takes a person’s breath away. The kids came to our rescue and helped us right side the boat. Except Gabe, he thought we had tipped for fun, so he also had tipped over. The only problem is, he couldn’t get his canoe right sided again, the front drain plug was missing. Thankfully, we were close to the dock, so Eric sent Gabe to swim to the dock and then Eric pulled the half full canoe to the back.

Back at camp, Joe started writing letters to family and Ethan washed and sipped tea his new England Bone China teacup.    

The band is back together

Lake Hattie helped us create some memories. Some good, some not as good. We learned that the rocket fireworks with the large wax wicks just blow up in your face when lit. We learned that this location is either VERY windy or clouded with swarming hungry mosquitoes. We’re learning how to co-habitate as one big happy family of emotions and different needs and desires. We’re learning how precious of a commodity fresh water, tank capacity and power can be, and we’re learning how to manage our messes in such a small space. I think we all feel a bit beat up with the roughing it, but it’s been a great way to learn what we really need.

The first day the band was back together, the weather was beautiful and sunny. The lake water was cold, but the air was nice and the wind wasn’t insane, so we swam, fished and made little clay sculptures. No fish caught, but enjoyed anyway.

The reception was so unpredictable at the lake that I had a hard time staying connected for work. We’re now looking into adding another phone carrier for some redundancy and connectivity.

Eric taught us some tips on how to skip rocks. Crouch low, flick your wrist and voila! We all practiced skipping rocks and we eventually all got it.

Jillian skipping rocks

Then finally, we caught some fish! Eric said Jillian has some of the best luck fishing, and sure enough, she caught the first one!

Then Eric, and then Joe! Eric taught us how to clean the fish, which I think secretly was his favorite part of the whole catch, and I tried be strong and not think of them as pets but as food. Joe played with his fish’s head, stuck a screaming chaser into it and asked if he could set it off. I wasn’t thinking the head would go far and I had visions of fish shrapnel flying everywhere. We had three little headless trout (their heads fell off, ok?) in our fridge waiting for consumption.

Joe’s first fish

Jill and Ethan are really blossoming in facing their fear of bugs and crawly things. Jill was playing with a lady bug and a giant beetle and Ethan has named all moths Greg so they are less scary. They are even saying “hello” to the little bugs that are flying around now.

Gabe decided to play either Boba Fett or do a modified yoga triangle pose, while squirting water from the squirt gun straight into the air. The wind was so strong that it blew away and not even a drop landed on him!

On our way back to Lake Hattie from Colorado, Joe bought a bunch of fireworks. The first couple of nights, when we had many neighbors staying with us for the weekend, Eric and Joe put on shows with the big-uns. Even Gabe, who has been afraid of fireworks until now, joined in and lit off some bottle rockets. PSA – lanterns don’t work very well in windy Wyoming. We’ll have to try again somewhere calmer.

On our last night at the lake, Eric and I attempted to float in the lake just off the shore. It was windy, so we basically just ended up constantly on shore, but we still got in the water for a bit and enjoyed the peace. We then burned the last of our firewood, roasted hot dogs over the fire, cooked up the trout and talked about things both serious and silly around the campfire.

Eric noticed that Ethan has a lot of Chimpanzee sounds, and now we all laugh when Ethan plays off of it. Here’s a goofy video of Ethan playing it up and us trying to get him to recreate his sounds. Probably going to have to “catch” him doing it and hope the camera is nearby in order to share the authentic sound.

Waking Ethan’s inner chimp

Some quality Eric and kiddo time

Eric, Gabe and Jill enjoyed a few days alone at Lake Hattie while Ethan and Joe spent time with their dad and I spent time with my sister and tied up some more loose ends back in Colorado.

They enjoyed pizza and rode bikes around our new site. Jillian sported some of her new birthday clothes even though it was a bit cold and windy for the summer gear.

Eric found a momma, we think fox, and her pups who hung around the bathrooms and trash scavenging. The sanitation group hadn’t picked up trash in a while, so it was overflowing and easy grabbing for the fox family. I hope they ate their veggies.

Then, mid-June…it snowed at the lake. Inside the camper they popped some popcorn and cuddled up to watch movies and watch the slow fly outside. Thankfully, the heater works great and they were cozy and warm.

The next day, the sun came out and although it warmed up some, it was a typical windy day in Wyoming. Eric made extra efforts to make sure camp was wind secure so we lost a minimal amount of stuff. RIP blue chair cover.

The sunset was absolutely beautiful that night, and Liberty gleamed like a post card.

Eric has Gabe and Jill convinced that he makes THE best macaroni and cheese. There is no doctoring, it’s literally followed directions on the box of plain old Kraft macaroni and cheese. The actual gourmet stuff that I’ve attempted to make them, with cream and cheddar and al dente noodles just isn’t as good to them…Dad makes the best, I won’t even try to argue with that one! Makes me laugh every time.

“The World’s Best Mac and Cheese” by Kraft & Eric

In other news, Eric lost the finger split, so he used his resourcefulness and put a small comb as a brace and taped it up. It does the job, and if he has any messy knuckle hair, it’ll be taken care of also.

While at the AT&T store to get more sim cards, Eric met Chris and Crystal Pohl, a kind couple who owns a mobile RV & Automobile repair business. They offered to come out to the site and take a look at some of the damage from the ‘incident’. They came out and helped install the new brake controller. We were so grateful and wanted to make sure they knew how much we appreciated them coming so we invited them for dinner whenever it worked for them. If anyone is in town and needs some mobile repair work done, we highly recommend them. Here is a link to their Facebook page with their company information

Help from All Season RV & Automotive Mobile Service in Laramie, WY