Little irritants

Our next stop was another lake, McGregor Lake, but this time we had full hookups again. The campground hosts were very friendly, and we were across the street from a great little lodge/restaurant that many locals frequented. On one side of the campground was McGregor Lake, and on the other side was Little McGregor Lake.

Unfortunately, Ethan had developed a large itchy rash, and I didn’t feel comfortable taking him down to the lake in case it was something like swimmer’s itch that could get aggravated again. The rash didn’t bother him, but it looked a lot like chicken pox once it ran its course. He is vaccinated, but I guess it is possible he got a slight case. In any case, with Benadryl and calamine lotion on board, he is back to his soft and supple kid skin again.

We all took turns riding bikes to Little McGregor Lake. It was a 5 minute or so ride, but a fun way to enjoy being outside without being eaten by mosquitoes.

While Eric and I were at the little lake, we ran into a local who was telling us some of the good fishing spots in the area. We saw a giant bald eagle soar and then nest in a tree across the lake and heard the call of the loons. On the cliff opposite of where we were standing, some kids were jumping off and into the water.

One night, we all went to the lodge and played games and ate dinner. It was a fun evening and Eric and I decided that would be a good date night.

On our date night, Eric and I sat outside. There was a sweet old dog who approached and we swooned and gave him some love. When the waitress came by, we asked if the dog was a stray and she said no…it was one of the local’s dog. Shortly after, the owner of the dog came out and told us he was 15 years old. We were in shock because he acted like he was only 5 and his face looked so young. But, the mother was hit by a truck when the puppy was only 6 days old, so the owner had the dog the entire 15 years and is his best buddy in the world, traveling everywhere together.

We had some great conversation with him and another couple who came to join us. One thing that I’ve really enjoyed is meeting and chatting with some of the people in the area, hearing about their story and getting insider tips. The 6 of us closed down the lodge and the owners locked up and let us hang out on their deck for as long as we desired. Eric and I walked back to camp, chatting about how great of a night we had.

It was a move day in the morning, so we thought doing some prep by pulling in the awning would be a good idea. As I was pressing the button, our awning fell off the side. It was roughly 1:00 am and we were torn between leaving it until morning and risking wind picking up, or attempting to get it put together some that night. We opted for option 2 and attempted to be as quiet as we possibly could. The guy in the camper next to us, known by half the campground as a grumpy old guy, came out and yelled at us. I apologize profusely and he didn’t care and stormed around waking up the camp hosts. Thankfully, Eric had become friends with the hosts and most of the other campers, so nothing major happened, but that has been our first run in with a truly not kind interaction. During the day, by the way, this neighbor glared at everyone that walked by and was just as mean, so it’s not that it was just late at night, he just isn’t the happiest person apparently.

With Eric, Joe, Ethan and I all working on the awning, we got it seated back into its spot and screwed down. Temporary fix but it worked enough to get to bed.

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