ah! Bob Saget!

We arrived at Farimont Hot Springs RV resort, a town located between Anaconda and Butte, MT, ready to check on the damage of our blow-out. Damage details: No power to the kitchen slide (no microwave, outlets or refrigerator), bumpy kitchen flooring with only one staple poking through the linoleum, and a bit of cosmetic damage on the exterior skirt panels. All in all, it could have been worse. We found a tire store and a hardware store that Eric was able to find some electrical parts he needed to put humpty back together. Eric was a rock star. He wired everything up and all is working perfectly again. He even re-sealed with a product the informercial makes too fun not to try…some Flex Seal. Yes, it’s actually kind of awesome and is working.

Our spot had free WiFi (which turned out to be so awful that we didn’t even use it), showers, laundry, a little store and full hook-ups. We gave the trailer a much-needed interior scrubbing. Having a clean home makes momma, aka me, so happy.

The resort was around the corner from Fairmont Hot Springs, a 115-degree spring that they mix with cool water and allow bathers to enjoy, for a fee, of course. The day was expensive, but super fun. We spent the day lounging in and by the pool, drinking smoothies and splashing each other in the water.

The second I hopped in the warm (100 degrees warm) pool, Ethan and Joe surrounded me and flipped me off my serene floatie. If anyone wants a couple stinky children, please feel free to message me. 😉 Eric asked Gabe to get on his shoulders, so Gabe did. It was cute how sweet and unassuming Gabe was, being all smiles on Daddy’s shoulders. Then, suddenly, Erin flung his upper body forward and Gabe face planted in the water and came up laughing so hard and saying he wanted to do it again. I wish I had that first launch on video, but instead I got all videos after it. Eric became the pool attraction and all the kids wanted a turn, even Joe, who outweighs Eric.

We barreled down the hot springs water slide, for an additional $10/person fee of course, and Gabe and Ethan went about 467 times. The most animated rider though was Eric by far. We all would sit at the bottom of the slide and hear to hear and see what Eric’s reaction each time will be. The funniest exit is when Eric yelled, “Bob Saget!”, which is Eric’s g-rated swearing inspired by a YouTube video (NOT APPROPRIATE FOR ALL AUDIENCES – Bob Saget explaining Tourette’s Guy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGssXhgLVcI and Tourette’s Guy’s Bob Saget and others compilation – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2NM7QyHlyY – by the way, Tourette’s Guy is a comedian/actor, he doesn’t really have Tourette’s). After the Bob Saget yell, we hear three thumps and see Eric launching out of the end.

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