Recharging our batteries

Sometimes a nice hot shower and the ease of plugging a phone charger into an outlet and having it charge without a generator is all a person really wants. That was us, we’re “a person”. After our first real off-grid living at Lake Hattie and Shumway Farms, we were ready for some modern convenience. The drive to our next stop ran along a large lake and river system that was much more beautiful than we’d expected, and we got a good picture of Chief and Liberty doing their thang on the road.

Eric found an RV park with full hookups that took our Passport America membership which allows 50% off for 2 nights, so we did some maintenance on our tanks and systems and we enjoyed the unlimited water and power supply. We hadn’t planned on visiting the local area or having much in the way of entertainment, really, but we discovered the owners re-created a few small buildings with some of the area history tied in. There was also a bunch of old rusty farm and work equipment that was pretty interesting to look at and some creative and cute bird houses. We considered going into to Idaho Falls to check out their waterfall greenbelt, but we never did make it out. We really enjoyed getting some of our honey-dos completed!

Next door was a small stable and barn where Jill discovered a bunch of barn cats and a bull. She and Joe would take walks to go visit them and commented that they were covered in fleas. Although I’m not super thrilled about the idea of petting animals with fleas, I’m glad they didn’t run screaming back to camp because of bugs. We’re definitely adapting to the great outdoors!

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