For some it’s the kitchen, for us, it is the table

For some it’s the kitchen, but for us, the table seems to be the heart of our new home.

I had forgotten what a dynamic gathering place a table can be until we didn’t have one big enough for all of us. At our last place, we had a square table and 4 chairs, so only 4 people sat at the table at a time, usually the kids, and Eric and I would stand at the corners during meals. We still gathered, but the after dinner chats didn’t generally include everyone.

I keep running across some of the most kind and generous co-workers on the planet, my current workplace included. We received some go-away/home warming gifts, one of which was a multi-functioning table. It folds up to be about 6″ deep and extends to about 5′ when folded out. My plan was to use this as my desk for work, dining table for dinners, and console table for charging devices at minimum that was easy to move around and pack up for move days.

I found the table I wanted and had it on my list of stuff to get. A co-worker decided she wanted to buy me an early birthday gift (literally 6 months away still) and purchased the table. We set it up and it’s perfect.

Our first dinner around the table was a windy night at Lake Hattie and would have been miserable to eat outside. We ate and laughed and got silly and then decided we should play Monopoly. Board games are one of my geek hobbies, I absolutely LOVE playing games with people around a table. In this heart-filling moment, I realized a table is so much more than just a place to set stuff. It’s a place where we are focused on each other, connecting, creating memories, sharing stories, and pouring our hearts out in meaningful discussions. I’m so grateful for this gift, thank you, D!

Jillian the slumlord, kicked all our booties at Monopoly after two days of playing

The next day, I was working at the table while it was in “desk mode” when I started hearing rolling laughter and giggles coming from the kids’ bedroom. I peek in the door and I see three kiddos sitting around their table, challenging each other’s quick-thinking memory banks with the board game 5-Second Rule. Since we were boondocking, meaning limited power sources and dead devices, they are being more creative in their entertainment sources. The optimist in me hopes they will grow to appreciate the precious human connections that can be made while sitting around the table.

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