Mom! I think I have ringworm!

Still having growing pains and adjustments to our new lifestyle as we wrap up our move. We’re still having a hard time getting over the bugs. As you may know, many bugs are drawn to light, so when the sun sets and someone opens a door – the little friends fly inside and start exploring.

Ethan is struggling with the bug part of this lifestyle. We had a nice long talk about how we’ll get used to them, and they are an important part of the (world) cycle, and that most of these little flying creatures won’t hurt us nor do they want to. He’s got my anxiety in him though, so settling himself can be tough. I still get creepy crawlies after seeing a bunch of bugs.

We had just finally settled into bed and fallen asleep when Ethan sends me a text. I was asleep and the sound was off, so he comes into my room. “Mom, Mom!” I wake up, look at my poor tormented little boy and he says, “I think I have ringworm!” I tried (I believe sucessfully) not to giggle. I don’t know where he even found that word because none of us have ever had or discussed it. He shows me the spot on his face he is concerned about and there is a small rash, but definitely not ringworm. I googled a picture for him and said his rash looks nothing like that, and it could be from heat, hormones, stress or any number of things also. Since he’s on the top bunk, he’s close to the bug exploration zone, so he decided to sleep on the couch. Poor little man. In these now rare moments, he still seems so sweet and little, and I feel like a super hero.

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