Hard, frustrating and rewarding bus reno

Eric has been hard at work getting Chief jazzed up to be the man-cave/escape area when one of us needs to get away. This week has been full of events.

The wheelchair lift has been bittersweet. We want to keep it. It’s a great place to load/unload the generator and could be a cool little deck spot on the bus. We even joked about using it as a diving board if we parked near a cliff (sooo safe I’m sure). But this thing has been problematic since day 1.

When we picked it up, the seller was showing us how everything worked and mid-demonstration the lift stopped. We have decided there must be a short somewhere in the circuit, so now we only lift and lower the deck manually.

As Eric was prepping to install some flooring, the wheelchair bracket snapped. We called the manufacturer and they wouldn’t help due to liability issues, so Eric was on his own trying to come up with a fix. Four hours later, he was able to temporarily fix by drilling another hole in the bracket, but we’ll need to figure out something more permanent. If you have ideas, please feel free to share…we’d like to get this thing working because it’s pretty cool when it does.

After a couple really late and body abusing nights, Eric got the temporary floor laid down. He didn’t want to lay sub-floor yet, so considering it’s floating, it looks really nice! He’s also installed some temporary window coverings, and of course, surround sound that is obnoxiously loud. He’s having such a great time turning this beast into a fun escape and it’s been a great learning experience!

Added perk: Gabe and Jill are enjoying some “quality time” with Dad on the bus. In the heat. Gabe is especially thrilled.

We’re more excited than we should admit about these Zero-G no tangle hoses…just look.

Also, PSA…tools are sharp, m-kay?

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