The beginning of Chief’s renovations

Eric and I have a deal. I get to decorate and organize the inside of the trailer, he gets to do the same with the bus. Ideas have been thrown around about what we want to do with the bus from a garage, to a kid room, to a man cave to storage and combinations of those.

But first, off comes the ceiling.

What LOOKS like mold and bugs thankfully turned out to be glue and carpet fibers. (phew!) First layer of batting on!! Easy to glue and stays put!

The next steps were the fabric.

This stuff was hard to get on AND pull straight AND not get dirty AND secure somehow during a very blustery windy day! We used spray glue that dried way too quickly in the wind and screws that twisted the fabric. Our arms were tingling from being held in the air so long. The result needs a few tweaks, but is good enough for now.

Then he stapled a sexy, manly, heavy, gray alligator print pleather for the center section. Our little helpers Jill and Gabe were very needed to get this big center guy up and screwed in without it flopping down on our heads!

And here is the mostly finished ceiling (we should have glued the center too, but I didn’t think it was necessary, oops).

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